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E.C.Draughts 100 - Under 27
European Championship Draughts 100 - Under 27
Kortrijk 14 -22 November 2021

Rules & Regulations

Kortrijk – Belgium, 15th  – 21st November 2021

General information
The organization of the European Championships U27 Normal, Blitz and Rapid 2021 have been allotted by the EDC to the Belgian Draughts Federation.

The championship will be held in November, from 15th to 21st in Kortrijk, Belgium.
Two groups (men-women) for players born in 1995 or later.

All Championships will be played with respect to the EDC “Regulatory Protocol of Measures for the contrast and containment of Contagion risks from virus Covid-19 in the practice of draughts” (written in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations and IOC advices), deliberation of EDC Executive Board of June 13th 2020 (published in the official documents of the EDC; see also at link: )

Considering that traveling during COVID time is more complicated and changeable, especially for the variants, in order to allow more freely travel and stay safe, at least a month before the Championships will be published the “EC2021 guidelines for travel in Belgium”.

2. Schedule

  • November 14, Arriving day
    at 21.00 Opening
  • November 15, Monday
    at 09.00 Round 1
    at 15:00 Round 2
  • November 16, Tuesday
    at 09:00 Round 3
    at 15:00 Visit at Courtrai
  • November 17, Wednesday 
    at 09:00 Round 4
    at 15:00 Round 5
  • November 18, Thursday
    at   9:00 Round 6
    at 15:00 Round 7
  • November 19, Friday
    at 15:00 Round 8
  • November 20, Saturday
    at 09:00 Round 9
    at 15:00 Blitz
  • November 21, Sunday
    at 09:00 Rapid
    at 21:00 Closing Ceremony
  • November 22, Monday   
    Departure Day

3.  Registration has to be done by the national federations.
The maximum of participants per federation in each group is 4. Belgium has an organization place. There are no free places.

4. The national federations have to pay the following registration fee to the account of “KBDB” (Royal Belgian Draughts Federation) at the latest October 15th, 2021:

Individual Classic tournament
50 € (per player)
Individual Blitz Championship
10 € (per player)
Individual Rapid Championship
10 € (per player)
Please follow the instructions for making a bank transfer.
Beneficiary: Royal Belgian Draughts Federation
Address: Elfde Julistraat, 175 – 8530 Harelbeke

Bank: ING
IBAN account nr: BE68 6529 7050 9334
BIC (Swift code): BBRUBEBB

Fee can be paid in cash before opening ceremony, but in this case the fee is higher: for main tournament 60 € and 15 € for blitz and rapid respectively
Players for whom the registration fee is not paid before the opening ceremony, are not allowed to participate in the tournament.

Similarly, a player registration for whom the registration fee for Blitz and Rapid Championships is not paid before November 20th is not allowed to participate in the tournament.

If you are planning to pay the fee in cash, you have to inform about it on your registration form.

5. Prizes
Cups, medals and diplomas for the top 3 in each tournament

6. Application from the federations should be sent to at latest October, 15th.

7. A Jury d'Appel (appeal board) will be nominated by EDC President and announced to all before 1st round.

8. Time control

Fisher system
Classic: 80’+ 1’ ; Rapid: 15’+5” ; Blitz: 5’+3’’

9. Technical Details:
he tournament will be supervised by main referee determined by EDC.

10. Competition system
The Championships normal, rapid and blitz games will be played in Swiss System, with 9 or less rounds depending on the number of participants. Places will be appointed by the amount of points obtained by participants. To determine the ranking place when number of points is equal for several participants will apply the following criteria:  Truncated Solkoff Coefficient FMJD: the largest total score of opponents played, not counting the weakest, if needed the second weakest etc.

11. All costs for travel and visa expenses as well as travelling, food and lodging and visa expenses for players and accompanying persons have to be paid by their national federations or by themselves.

12.  Hotel:             
Youth hostel Groeninghe

Address: Passionistenlaan 1° B-8500 Kortrijk

Only full-board (breakfast, lunch packet and dinner) per person per day

  • in a double room                    € 46,07 (total for 8 nights € 368,58)
  • in a more bed room                € 42,72 (total for 8 nights € 341,76)
  • in a single room                      € 63,03 (total for 8 nights € 504,24)

Players are supposed to stay in the hotel.  Bring your own towels
Free WIFI in every room.
Supplement for arrival a day earlier or departure a day later is possible.

Reservations of the hotel, questions and documents needed for visa ONLY IN ENGLISH must be asked to:  Telephone: +32 478 39 56 07

Payments of the hotel to KBDB via bank.
Bank Account headed to: Royal Belgian Draughts Federation
IBAN: BE68 6529 7050 9334
BIC (Swift code): BBRUBEBB